Cooking with Aitlin and Bob

posted by Armistead Booker | Friday, March 09, 2007

Cooking with Aitlin and Bob from Armistead Booker and Vimeo.

This is a gem from the archives: three years ago, I made this impromptu cooking show with my cousins, Caroline and Page, at their house in Long Island. In the show, we decided that Caroline would go by Aitlin, since the "C" feel off her older sister's apron. And Page insisted on being the bumbling sidekick (that ends up being more like a back-seat driver) named Bob, a nickname of hers that comes from when she has a cold and calls out "Mom" because it sounds like "Bob." With the rest of the family looking on, Aitlin and Bob attempt to craft a dessert worthy of MadTV with disasterous consequences. While this is pretty typical fare at their house just about everyday, none of us were expecting the show to turn out this hilarious.

Update: Now featured on Airbag's Longboard. Thanks Greg!

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